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Netgear GS748TS LAG setup

Perhaps I'm obtuse or just don't understand Netgear's logic?
I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to set up a LAG for ports 47 and 48,  in order  to connect to a Bond created on my  DS18211+
The steps outlined in this Netgear KB article "How do I set up a LAG between a Smart Managed Pro Switch and a Synology NAS?" don't align with the GS748TS (even though they are in the GS748TS section):
This Netgear KB article "What are link aggregation and LACP and how can I use them in my network?" is very general and indeed refers me to the support section (even though that's where I already am):
The "GS700TS Smart Switch Software Administration Manual" has a section on LAGs in Chapter 4, but just details settings, not a step by step "how" to set them up.

I've watched SpaceRex's "Link Aggregation on Synology NAS + NetGear - Get Better Performance out of Your NAS! | 4K TUTORIAL"   and whilst I understand the concepts, the GS748TS's web interface is very different.
Can someone refer me to a "Netgear Idiot's Guide" or relevant GS748TS  YouTube post?

After 8 people just closed the chat or sent me a URL and then closed the chat.

Person number 9 spent over 2.5 hours on the 'phone with me.

We confirmed that the information in both the Manuals and KB were incorrect.

Also unable to install a Bootware update (no option in the software to "browse" the machine connected)).

The last consultant said he would "get back to me".
After several days and about 5 hours on the phone:

The "fix" appears to be to download ancient (10year old) browsers.

Chrome 33 (32 Bit) or
Internet  Explorer 10 or 11.

Now some important options become visible.

No idea if Netgear will ever update the Switch's interface.

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