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NAS for Plex

Hi, big fan of the channels and blog. Thank you for your guidance! I've been using Synology for 5+ years to host files and (most importantly) Plex Media Server. My DS218+ has a failed motherboard. It won't start up or get recognized on the network. Based on your reviews, I don't think any of the newest 2-bay Synology devices are a good investment right now because I want hardware transcoding for PlexMS. So based on your article, I purchased a QNAP HS-264. I'm not a big fan of QNAP's software but it'll get the job done. Except I'm trying to move my files from Synology drives to QNAP. I understand I can't swap the drives so I bought new drives for the QNAP and am trying to copy files using SATA to USB3 adapter but the disk is not showing up in File Manager on QNAP. How can I get the files transferred (or is there a comparable 2-bay Synology NAS) so I can get my content back? Thanks!
Yes, you can not just plug in the drive, it has a different file system. But you can boot up bot NAS and map and old NAS to a new one via File Station -> Remote Mount button

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