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Hi there, i used to have a DS415+. I am a mac user, i use plex and I am a filmmaker. My main focus is Video, Plex and the Photo-App for backing up my pict. form my iPhone. I researched a bit and I found out that the DS415+ can be fixed easely but I am not really happy with the performance... so my questin is: Should I repair my old one or should I get a new one and if: which one should I get?

Is the play worth the extra money?
Can I buy a NAS with 5 slots to be able to increase the storage by adding a new Drive to the already working system made with 4 2TB-drives? (This question I can research myself, if you have a link to a good start, it would be helpful).

Thanks for your passion about this... Smile I enjoyed wathcing some of your videos...

thanks, michael
If a NAS is easy to fix it will always be a cheaper option to do.If you are getting 5 bays or 6 bay like DS1618+ then you can move old drives into a new box and carry on using it. Then you can add extra drives when needed later without the need to reset the system. SHR will also allow you to mix different size drives.I hope this helps.

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