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I have HEVC files from my IPhone – 1080p, 1080 X 1920 at 30 frames per second. I am thinking about the Synology DS923+ or DS1522+. I will be playing these HEVC files on my TV. Why can’t the Synology not play these HEVC files in the original format like my iPhone. Why the transcoding? There is no issue when they play h.264 files. Is this a licensing issue? I would gladly pay for a license to play these HEVC files in the original format.
Will there be an issue playing HEIF photo formats as well?
Yes, HEVC works just fine with older models like ds118.
So I think Synology refused to pay for h265 licence. So much for Apple like company.
Thanks. Very disappointing and frustrating. It does not make sense. I would gladly pay $20 extra or more for HEVC playback at the time of purchase.
Could Synology add HEVC support by allowing users to purchase a license to play HEVC files in their original format for the DS923+ or DS1522+?
No, this is why people are rushing to get older models such as ds420+/ 920+ and realtek based value series.
Synology want business customers only, no home market.
That is very true that Synology want the business market. DS920+ is now more expensive than the DS923+ here in Amazon USA. 
I started watching more NAScompares videos on 4K testing and the DS923+ and DS1522+ totally failed the test playing HEVC files even 8 bit ones. The DS920+ had no problem playing it because of the GPU, although Synology don't support the HEVEC format natively. The $100 ROKU streaming device is able to play HEVC files. For the DS923+, it is recommended you use a client that can play HEVC files. 
Is there any NAS that can play HEVC files natively not using the GPU to transcode or convert?

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