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Best sesh router for house?

I am trying to upgrade my wifi network. Right now I am supposed to be getting 100/mbps. I have spectrum as my carrier. Router and modem setup in basement/ I have basement/main floor/ and an upstairs with BRs.

I have 4 iphones/couple tablets/2 TVs, one lap top, 2 chromebooks.

Network seems slow at times Sometimes disconnects. Not crawling but slow. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower

Best buy has the Linksys Velop Triband mesh router for $399, white on sale at $329. Prefer staying closer to $300. Saw the other options on this website but not knowledgable enough yet to decide which way to go.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Yes, it sounds like you really need a mesh system. My personal favorite is Synology MR2200ac (in combination with RT2600). But Linksys Velop is also a competitive option, but maybe be lacking few options Synology would offer.I hope this helps.

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