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what NAS connectivity for my existing setup?

Hi all.  I'm not an active enthusiast for home media, but I'm reasonably tech and I do a refresh of my tech every 5 to 8 years.  I've just upgraded all my iMac and data storage to NVMe drives and am looking at a NAS drive for both data backup but also and mainly as a media server for both my sonos and my 4K TV. 

I currently have :

a samsung QE43Q60r 4K HDR tv. 
a yamaha RX-V373 AV receiver.  (has 4K HDMI inputs, also USB input but I don't think that is suitable for 4K video)
lots of films in H.246 MP4 on various SSD's. 
lots of music in MP3 

looking at these it seems I would need a HDMI output from the NAS drive to direct play 4K? I assume this is better than just relying upon the smart TV connection to the wifi network? 

I'm drawn toward the synology drives as they seem quite simple and reliable.. but I'm open to suggestions. 

I'll be a single user to a single TV and I can prepare all the content into H.264 and MP4 in advance so no transcoding is needed (i think). 

What you your thoughts.. have I fundamentally misunderstood how to run this, do i need to change my AV receiver? should I be looking at something other than a NAS?  any assistance much appreciated.

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