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HDD compatibility

Hello, Im looking to buy and setup a Plex server using a Synology DS220+.

I am currently having some issues with HDD compatibility. The synology website mentions that the Seagate Ironwolf (4TB) ST4000VN006 is compatiable but the only one I can find for purchese from Amazon UK is ST4000VNZ06 which is not mentioned on Synology's website.

Is the ST4000VNZ06 okay to use? If you have any recomendations for better drives I'd be glad to hear it.

One other factor that I would like your opinion on is noise. I would gladly spend a bit extra on drives that run a bit quiter!

Thanks in advance.

Yes, Synology have made fools of themselves by listing serial numbers on their compatibility lists. Every country have a modified serial to identify GEO location.
I have sent them email about this, since they warn people that they will not give a support for people having drives that are not listed on their list.
Both drives are Ironwolf drives of same capacity. I will see the response.

But otherwise, other drives will work on Synology. Just this uncertainty about warranty/support.

In terms of noise, hard drives with lower RPM (revolutions per minute) are generally quieter than those with higher RPMs. For example, the IronWolf series includes options with both 5900 RPM and 7200 RPM drives, so if noise is a concern for you, you may want to consider the 5900 RPM option. Another option to consider is using solid-state drives (SSDs) instead of traditional hard drives, as they produce less noise and are faster.

In addition to the IronWolf series, other options you might consider include the Western Digital Red and the Toshiba N300 drives, both of which are designed for use in NAS systems and are well-regarded for their compatibility and reliability.

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