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NAS Raid 0 Drive upgrade

Would like a step by step for easiest way to change/upgrade 1 drive from a 2 drive synology 220+ to expand storage. The NAS only keeps camera footage, and I'm not worried about keeping any footage, just want the NAS setup (settings, FTP info, etc) to carry over. I think i will have to re-install DSM7 and then do a restore, using hyperbackup? Wanted the easiest way to do this, using a second home synology NAS 1019+ for keeping any generated backups.
Going to keep it Raid 0 just to continue to store camera footage from surveillance station and an external camera that uses FTP to copy its footage, 3 cameras total so far.
Here's a step-by-step guide to expand the storage on your Synology NAS 220+:

Prepare a new hard drive with the same or larger capacity as the original hard drive.
Insert the new hard drive into the Synology NAS 220+.
Log in to DSM (DiskStation Manager) on your Synology NAS 220+.
Go to Storage Manager > Volume > Expansion.
Follow the on-screen instructions to expand the storage on your Synology NAS 220+.
The existing settings, FTP information, and other configurations will be automatically carried over after the expansion.

If you want to use the Synology NAS 1019+ for backup purposes, you can use Hyper Backup to backup the data on your Synology NAS 220+ before expanding the storage.

Install Hyper Backup on both Synology NAS devices.
Log in to DSM on the Synology NAS 220+.
Go to Hyper Backup and create a new backup task.
Select the Synology NAS 1019+ as the backup destination.
Select the folders and files you want to back up.
Start the backup process.
Once the backup is complete, you can proceed with expanding the storage on your Synology NAS 220+.

Note: Keeping the volume as RAID 0 (single disk) will not provide data protection in case of a hard drive failure. If data protection is important to you, consider changing the volume to RAID 1 (mirrored disk) after the expansion.

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