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New NAS suggestions


I've found the NASCompares Youtube videos extremely helpful. Thanks for your great work.

It's still very overwhelming, so, if there is an easy answer, then let me know. If not, then I will continue researching, probably mostly through more of your videos.

I'd like to back up my data, which right now, barely exceeds 2 TB, and will be less once I remove duplicates and delete files. So, I think that 8TB will be more than enough for now.

Mostly, I want to be able to remotely organize my files from wherever I am, and am also learning about Cloud services, virtual machines, etc, so want something that can handle that.

What are some systems that will fit the bill, and should I trust buying something used?

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New NAS suggestions - by ENQUIRIES - 02-01-2023, 04:00 PM
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