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NAS purchase advice

Hi, found you video on youtube while doing some research about NAS.
wanted to purchase the my first NAS and needed some advices.
Im a video editor and wanted to store all the videos as well as music/ photos. thinking of purchasing DS1621+enclosure and upgrade the RAM, 10GB card and perhaps ssd cache in order to be able to edit videos directly on NAS. if this NAS is powerful enough for the use?
I do have 2 16TB seagate iron wolf drives at hand and wanted to buy another one. storage will be added later on.
please let me know what you think
thank you so much
Yes, DS1621+ is fast enough for video editing. No need for RAM upgrades. You may need 3-5 HDDs to achieve decent data transfer speeds. Each drive gives around 100-200MB/s.
NVMe caching could be beneficial for video editing since all data first land on faster media.

I hope this helps.

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