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Moving from Drobo 5D to ?????

I have a Drobo 5D that has served me well for several years, but I can’t take the chance of it failing and not be able to recover the data on it. I just want a sanity check on my migration strategy to ensure I’m not missing anything.

My current Drobo 5D is connected to my 2020 M1 Mac Mini via Thunderbold. It has 5 HDDs – 2 x 6 TBs, 2 x 4 TBs, 1 x 2 TBs. These drives provide 14.47 TB of capacity, of which I’m using 10.72 TB (74%) with 3.74 TB free space. I have two volumes – one is used as my Mac Mini Drive, has most of my documents, photos, music and videos. It uses 6.17 TBs of space. The other volume is my Mac Backup, which uses 4.55 TB of space. My drives are a mix WD, Seagate, and Western Digital.

I’m thinking of moving to the Synology 5 drive DS1522+ with 8 GB RAM. I'd buy a new HDD for the Synology and pull one of the 6 TB drives from my Drobo to get started, then probably pull use the other 6 TB drive and one of the 4 TB HDDs until I need to expand.
Yes, Synology will be a great choice. It also allows drive mixing and multiple volumes. This allows easy expansion when you need it.

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