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Small/Slim NAS solution?

Hi there!

First, thank you very much for your great site and youtube content, awesome work!

I've been a Synology user for several years now, I'm the owner of a Synology DS412+ filled with 8TB but I'm only using ~4 TB. It's doing a great job, not a single problem with it, what I'm looking for now is a smaller and quieter solution. My apartment is quite small and I can't leave it working 24/7 due to HDD noise.

An easy solution would be just migration my actual HDDs to SSDs but I also want to have a smaller size (if possible). I've seen the Synology DS419slim and DS620slim. The 419 looks too resource-limited for me and I want to buy a long-lasting solution. On the other side, the 620 is a bit too pricy.

My question is, do you have any recommendation in mind similar to those Synology slim solutions (when it comes to size)?

Unfortunately, no one else is making slim design NAS. Qnap HS-453DX is a great NAS, But even tho it is flat, but it is fairly wide.I think you will need to choose between these two Synology options.I hope this helps.

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