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Photographer advise

I currently own a DS220j with 2 x 8tb seagate IronWolf HDD's.
I use it primarly to store my lightroom database(The catalog is on my apple ssd and i make previews) Mainly for The photo's that are already finished. So if i finish a project en post is done, i copy everything to my NAS. I do need these photo's sometimes and make adjustmentd. but whem i do is sooo slow. So i wanted to upgrade and i was thinking of ds220+ first but studied your website and besides that it is quite old, i was then moved to The ds720+ and The ds723+. I do think it is a lot of money, but if it is a big improvement..... in speed.... than it could be oke. I think The ds923+ is a bit too much
If you are looking to upgrade your NAS for better performance, the DS720+ and DS723+ would be good options. Both devices have more powerful hardware compared to the DS220j, which should result in faster performance when accessing and processing data.

Celeron-based models are good for remote media access. Otherwise, Ryzen is better for virtual machines and 10gbe. This additional memory should improve the performance of the NAS, especially when hosting a media library using Plex or Jellyfin.

Keep in mind that the increased performance comes with a higher price tag. However, if you frequently access and make adjustments to your data stored on the NAS, the investment in a more powerful device may be worth it.

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