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2 or 4 bay

Hello. I am looking at getting a Synology NAS to replace my current WD cloud. I don't know whether to get a fully loaded 2 bay or, for now, a 4 bay with just 2 drives full. It is either the DS720 8TB or DS920 with only to bays full. It will be mainly used for plex, home document storage and MS office work.

Any advice or direction would be muchly appreciated.


If you're looking to use your NAS primarily for Plex, home document storage, and MS Office work, a 2-bay NAS such as the Synology DS720+ with 8TB of storage should be sufficient for your needs. However, if you plan on adding more storage in the future, you might consider going for the 4-bay Synology DS920+ with 2 bays full and leave room for expansion. It ultimately depends on your current and future storage needs and budget.
Both NAS have exact same performance. Eventually, more drives can be a better choice then fewer.

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