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Segregating Audio Books from Music on a QNAP Media Server

I have large collections of Music and Spoken Word / Audio Books. Nearly all are in MP3 format.

I want to set up Media Server(s) on My recently aquired QNAP TS451A / 4GB / 4x4TB.

I can't work out how to keep the Music and Spoken Word stuff separate so they don't all show up in the same view.

Can I install more than Medi Server?

How would you do it?

I have found your videos on You Tube invaluable!

Diolch yn fawr (Thanks very much)

You can install one of the popular media server software such as Plex or Emby to manage your large collections of music and spoken word/audio books. Both of these software allow you to create separate folders for different purposes, such as music and spoken word. This way, you can keep your music and spoken word content separate and organized in different views.

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