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I need two computers to share everything

I'm upgrading my internet radio station computers. I bought 2 Window 11 computers, 1 for the main & 1 for backup. But, they don't talk to each other. I need someone working on 1 to see what someone working on 2 has done. I also need it so that if computer 1 stops, then computer 2 can continue putting the music on air. The computers are currently attached to the internet route via ethernet cables (they don't have WIFI). There are no more ethernet ports on the computers, so can't use an ethernet cross over cable. All of the ports on my router are in use (one to a splitter that I have both computers plugged into.) How can I get these 2 computers working together? I’ll need a printer added eventually, too. I'm not tech savvy so will need very simple instructions on how to make these work together, or happy to pay someone to come do it for me. Thanks.
additional Ethernet ports and allows multiple devices to communicate with each other through the same router. Simply connect the switch to the router and then connect both computers to the switch using Ethernet cables. This setup will allow both computers to access the internet and communicate with each other on the same network.

In order to share files between the two computers, you will need to set up file sharing on one of the computers and access the shared files from the other computer. Windows 11 has built-in file sharing capabilities and you can find instructions for setting it up in the Windows Help and Support center.

For the backup computer to take over if the main computer fails, you can set up network failover software. There are several options available, some of which are free, and others that are paid. You can research and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Regarding the printer, you can connect it directly to one of the computers and share it on the network so that both computers can access it. You can follow the instructions provided with the printer for setting up network printing.

Install a network switch: A network switch is a device that connects multiple computers to each other and to other networked devices. To share files between the two Windows 11 computers, you need to connect them to a network switch.

Connect the computers to the switch: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to each computer and the other end to the network switch.

Create a shared folder: On one of the Windows 11 computers, create a shared folder that both computers will have access to. Right-click on the folder, select "Properties", then go to the "Sharing" tab, and click on "Advanced Sharing".

Assign permissions: In the "Advanced Sharing" window, select "Permissions". Add the other Windows 11 computer user account to the list and assign the desired level of access (e.g. Read/Write).

Map the shared folder: On the second Windows 11 computer, open Windows File Explorer and click on "This PC". Then click on "Computer" and select "Map network drive". Select the drive letter you want to use for the shared folder and enter the network path for the shared folder (e.g. \[computer name][shared folder name]).

Access the shared folder: The shared folder should now be accessible from both computers and any changes made on one computer should be reflected on the other.

Note: If you have a printer, you can also share it between the two computers by following similar steps as outlined above for file sharing.

Here is a step-by-step guide for file sharing between two Windows 11 computers:
1. Connect both computers to the same network: You can connect both computers to the same local network through an Ethernet cable and a router.
2. Enable File and Printer Sharing:
* Go to Control Panel
* Network and Sharing Center
* Change advanced sharing settings
* Turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing
3. Create a Shared Folder:
* Right-click on a folder you want to share
* Properties
* Sharing
* Advanced Sharing
* Check the box that says "Share this folder"
* Add the necessary permissions to allow other users access to the folder.
4. Access the Shared Folder:
* Open File Explorer on the computer that you want to access the shared folder from.
* Go to the Network section.
* Find the computer that has the shared folder and click on it.
* You will see a list of shared folders.
* Click on the shared folder you want to access and enter the necessary credentials if prompted.
5. Map the Shared Folder as a Network Drive:
* Right-click on the Start button
* Computer
* Map network drive
* Choose a drive letter
* Enter the path to the shared folder
* Check the box "Reconnect at sign-in"
6. Add the Printer:
* Go to Control Panel
* Devices and Printers
* Add a printer

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