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DS218 memory upgrade

Dear Friend,

I sometimes have trouble with the buffering of videos to my TV from my NAS, so i do wonder if upgrading the NAS memory is any solution?

It only happens when i "stream" large 4K movies from PLEX, if i stream straight from my NAS to my TV the issue is non-existing.

A RAM recommendation is always welcome if that could solve the issue.

Kind regard!

If you're experiencing buffering issues with your NAS when streaming large 4K movies from PLEX to your TV, it's possible that the NAS's processing power and memory resources are being overloaded. You can check the resource utilization of your NAS by observing the administrator panel or resource monitor.

If the resource monitor shows that the CPU usage is high during streaming, it may indicate that the NAS is struggling to keep up with the demands of transcoding the video into a format that your TV can play. In this case, you could consider converting your videos into a format that your TV supports, to avoid the need for transcoding.

If the resource monitor shows that the RAM usage is high during streaming, it's possible that a RAM upgrade could help improve performance and reduce buffering. However, if the CPU usage is consistently high, even with additional RAM, it may indicate that a new NAS with a more powerful CPU is needed to handle the demands of streaming 4K videos.

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