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Replacement NAS

My DS1513+ still makes an excellent secure file server/back up solution but the processor get stuck at 99% when uploading photos etc. (not sure about Synology photos cf photo station).

I'm looking for a second NAS that will allow faster photo face recognition etc & the following: 2 VM's, Docker, Fast access for film editing/recording. (I plan to back up to my DS1513*).

I have a CAT7 network throughout the house.

I'm reasonable IT literate, comfortable with linux/unix command line and a Mac user.
Based on your requirements, it sounds like you may benefit from a more powerful NAS with a faster processor and more RAM. The DS1513+ is a solid device, but its processor may be struggling with the demands of running multiple VMs, Docker, and handling large amounts of data.

You may want to consider a newer and more powerful Synology NAS such as the DS1821+ or the DS2419+. These devices have faster processors, more RAM, and support for more drives, which would allow for better performance when running multiple VMs, Docker, and handling large amounts of data. They also include more powerful hardware that could handle the workload of photo face recognition.

It's worth noting that the DS2419+ also supports expandable RAM, which allows you to upgrade the RAM as your needs grow, which is an added benefit. If you need a solid 10year investment you may consider Xeon based models.

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