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Is the Synology 923+ the right one for me based on the issues I have?

• I have a Synology 415play, with 4 4TB drives.
• Main purpose: saving currently 2TB of family photos and videos. Most of the time it is turned off and whenever I need to upload new photos / videos, I turn it on and let the iOS Synology Photos app upload everything.
• 1GB internet connection
• Current problem: the speed even with a direct NAS to PC cable connection is quite slow (need to separate files into more folders), CPU often runs at 100% during indexing (+takes days sometimes) and memory (RAM) runs out occasionally. Also loading photos from e.g. 5 years ago, will not work through Synology Photos app on my iOS phone.

• Is the 923+ with SSDs the right solution for me given the increased CPU speed compared to the 920?
• Would this solve my listed issues (windows explorer speed when browsing files, photos not loading in the photos app through the internet, super slow indexing)?
The Synology 923+ is a more powerful device than the 415play, and it may be able to handle your needs better. The 923+ has a faster CPU and more RAM than the 415play, which should help with indexing and memory issues. Additionally, it supports the use of SSDs, which can improve overall performance and speed.

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