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NAS Upgrade - Multimedia Support (Emby)

Hi, I'd like your advice on upgrading from a DS 713+ to ideally another Synology product. My main concern is playback performance from within my network and externally to clients using Emby (firesticks, apple tv's, mobile phones etc.). My current 713+ does not support hardware transcoding and the CPU is maxing out when playing / accessing / editing media files even within my network. I updated the RAM to its max but that has had little effect on performance (probably expected). I would love your take on the best product to go with given my main concern. I have been looking at the 720+ for the transcoding abilities and boost in performance. I have not considered a potential boost in using a network switch with my 1GB service nor the upgrade to using M.2 drives, and I'm not sure if either of these would bring about greater performance for transcoding / playback quality? I appreciate any advice and guidance and thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Best, Matt
Yes, adding more RAM or cache will not improve transcoding performance. If you had SSD instead of HDDs in your NAS, this could improve things a little bit more. But not by far.
You need a good CPU or GPU to handle media transcoding.
DS720+ will certainly cope with 4k using Synology video apps. Emby might require something more powerful such as TS-473A with GPU card or Xeon based NAS.
If you only stream 1080p then ds720+ is all you need.

I hope this helps.

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