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Raid Boxes

Right now my current storage solution is a external drive, I've been thinking about getting a raid box as an more redundant upgrade that'll work pretty much the same as my current storage solution while being a bit cheaper than a proper nas. is this a valid idea or should i just spend more and go for a nas? if it's a good idea what suggestions do you have?

thank you for your time.
A RAID box can be a good option for upgrading your storage solution, as it can provide increased data redundancy and performance. However, it's important to note that a RAID box is typically less feature-rich than a NAS.

A RAID box is essentially a specialized external hard drive enclosure that allows you to set up a RAID configuration. This can provide increased data protection by mirroring your data across multiple hard drives, which can help protect your data in case of a drive failure. However, a RAID box does not typically have many of the advanced features that a NAS offers, such as the ability to run third-party apps, or to access your data remotely.

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) on the other hand is a device that allows you to store, share and access your files, photos, videos and other content over a network, it also allows you to run multiple applications, such as media servers, backup solutions and more. A NAS would allow you to store and access your data over a network, and also provide you with many other functionalities.

Ultimately, whether you should go with a RAID box or a NAS will depend on your specific needs and budget. A RAID box can be a good option for providing increased data redundancy and performance, but a NAS would be more versatile.

If you are looking for a specific brand and model, you can check some of the top brands like Synology, QNAP, and Western Digital for their NAS devices. Be sure to compare the features and performance of different models to see which one would work best for your needs.

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