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Hi Smile I try to keep it short: I´m new to NAS and my needs are: Media server/streaming, Data Backup, my own cloud as well as email server. I currently have 1TB of data all together accumulated. Its going to be purely private use (no business stuff).

My priorities are noise (even though when im sleeping/not using the NAS this shouldnt be an issue right?) , reliability and energy consumption. Data Backup better then RAID1? Partitioning the HDD´S? Streaming of Movies/Videos.

So far I have narrowed it down ( I´ve watched loads of your vids) to

Synology 220+ and the seagate Iron Wolf (pro?)

Which HDD is good for my needs and how many TB

Thank you so much for your help.

Yes, ds220+ is a good choice for multimedia.
The quietest drives seem t be WD Red plus. Or maybe even consider SSD instead of HDDs.
When NAS hibernates, there is no noise. Only when accessing data on drives.
Pro drives are surely the loudest.

I hope this helps.

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