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Hi I am in the process of buying a TVS-H674-i3. I have 6 x 16TB Exos SATA Drives and two 1TB WD Red NVME SSD. I will be using the NAS for Pleax and home CCTV. My questions are as follows.

1. I intend to create a RAID 1 for the 2 x NVME SSDs and use this fior the OS and apps, however, can I split this RAID into two pools and use one pool for caching.
2. As my CCTV writes constantly will it be better to set up the following for the 6 SATA drives. $ discs in RAID 5 for Plex and two discs in RAID1 for the CCTV
Yes, 74 series is an excellent choice. But go for QTS OS, it has no licence fees.
With NVMe you can use only one SSD if you need read cache. The other one can be used for storage. If you need write cache, you need to use two SSDs in a RAID (no storage).
With CCTV, it is useful to have a separate RAID for this. This will prevent your system from slow-downs due to constant writes.

I hope this helps.

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