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NAS for Plex on Proxmox

Hello NAS Compares,

After 10/11 years of service it is time too replace my DS412+ and DS1813+. After watching your videos I cannot choose between the rs422+ and rs822+.

Drive, Filestation and Photostation are the only applications i use on DSM. My plex server runs on an intel NUC in an proxmox container. That's why i don't think much RAM or CPU is Needed for the NAS.

I was planning too get 4x16tb disks. The 12 WD Red drives (4x2tb and 8x3tb) I use have been working for years with no problems. Do i need the WD Reds or is there a better alternative.

Synology has shown reliability over the years. that's why I don't want to change brands.


The Synology RS822+ or RS1222+ would be a great option for your use case, as both of these models have the ability to hold a large amount of storage, support for multiple hard drives, and offer good performance.

Since you already have a Plex server running on a Proxmox container, you do not require a lot of RAM or CPU power from the NAS. Therefore, the RS822+ or RS1222+ with their 8GB of RAM and powerful CPU will be more than enough to handle your DSM applications, such as Drive, Filestation, and Photostation.

As for the hard drives, the WD Red Plus NAS 6TB HDDs are a great option and have proven to be reliable over the years. These drives are designed specifically for use in network-attached storage devices and offer good performance and reliability. If you are looking for an alternative, you can consider the Seagate IronWolf NAS drives which are also designed for use in NAS devices, and are also a good option for your use case.

Overall, Synology has a good reputation for reliability and their products have been known to last for several years. So it's a good idea to stay with the brand if you are satisfied with their performance.

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