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NAS storage on two networks, synced?


I'm a professional photographer and work out of a home office as well as a gallery elsewhere. I am wondering if there is an easy to use solution that would allow me to keep a desktop NAS or similar in both locations on two different networks that would sync with one another automatically? I'd like to be able to work directly on the devices if possible, using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom etc with sometimes quite large image files (2gb and beyond). Something large enough to back up everything would be nice, as well as expandable down the road. I expect I'll need battery backups on them along with the modem, router, etc. Currently using a 2015 5k imac at the gallery, a 2019 imac pro at home and a late 2015 macbook pro on the road.

I essentially need to be able to work from a drive on various networks and have them back up automatically to a different location for redundancy. I'd prefer to keep the cloud out of it to keep monthly recurring costs down (I'm currently storing perhaps 16tb or images and shoot about 100-500gb a month)

I do also work from the road sometimes, is it feasible to upload to these drives from the macbook pro remotely for backup? The ability to work from the drives remotely would also be great, but I'm not sure if that's practical.

I'm currently using OWC enclosures hooked up directly to my office computer in a RAID 1 configuration, storing 2nd drives as they fill up in an alternate location. Worked pretty well for me with one computer, but suddenly it's very clunky and I'm constantly carrying a portable external drive around and still finding myself without an excel file I need or without the newest version of an image that I need to finish editing, etc.

Any suggestions you can offer would be very much appreciated! I've skimmed Drobo and Synology but it's overwhelming, not my forte.

There are two keywords you need to look for. One is fast bandwidth and other RSYNC synchronisation. If you have a MAC with Thunderbolt connection you would find Qnap TVS-472XT (also 6/8 bay options available) an interesting solution. It is a DAS and a NAS - two in one. Even though other computers might not have TB connection, a choice of 10GbE would be very beneficial for also collaboration. The built in RSYNC function will ensure that all changes made to the files and folders are instantly synchronised with another NAS. The other NAS can be exactly the model, if if it serves only backup purpose, then it could even be something like TS-431P budget NAS. I hope this helps.

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