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Choosing a NAS?


I have seen you on youtube and you are the NAS expert Big Grin.

My old Asustor 4 bay NAS just broke and I am looking for a new one.

I am looking at Synology ds218j (125GBP), ds220j (157 GBP) and ds420j (280 GBP).
I saw ur video on the 218 and 220.

My budget is max 300 GBP
So which one is my best option?

Is getting two ds218j NAS over one ds420j better?

Thank you

Best regards

All of these NAS are very similar performance options. But they are still capable to impress you with the functionality. Getting two of the dual-bay models would be probably the safest option for your data. You would be protected against disasters like burglars and floods. Data synchronization is automated and you don't need to worry about manually doing backups.The advantage of a 4 bay would be the RAID5 option - so more available storage space. And also less power consumption. That's about it.I hope this helps.

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