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Mapped files appear in Admin folder

I'm a newbie to NAS Drives, had to learn quickly using video posted by NAS Compares which I must say was very helpful

Have a client who decided to purchase a QNAP-TS-431K 4-bay NAS drive, drives 1+2 are striped and a thick provision has been 
setup for a single Volume. a Folder share has been set within the drive and mapped on an docking station made by a 
company who distributes Body cameras for medical services, the docking station I believe is basically a Raspberry Pi running
Windows 10 Pro. 

When I save video content from the body camera to the mapped drive share on the QNAP the files don't appear
as  ********.mp4 and listed separately, they seem to be embedded firstly inside an Admin Folder for each video file that's 
uploaded. The admin account was used to map the network share when it was created

Any help with this will be much appreciated  Huh Huh
It's possible that the files are being saved to a specific folder on the QNAP NAS rather than the root folder of the shared drive. This could be due to the way the network share was set up on the docking station.

To verify this, you can try the following:

Log in to the QNAP NAS using a web browser and go to "File Station".
Navigate to the shared folder on the NAS and see if the files are being saved to a subfolder within the shared folder.
If the files are being saved to a subfolder, you may need to modify the network share on the docking station to point to the correct folder on the NAS. This can usually be done by right-clicking on the network share and selecting "Properties" or "Edit".
Alternatively, you can try moving the files to the root folder of the shared drive using the File Station on the QNAP NAS.
If none of these solutions solve the problem, it's possible that there could be an issue with the way the body camera is saving the files to the network share. You may want to check with the manufacturer of the body camera or the docking station for further assistance.

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