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720+ or 723+ for longer security updates?

Hi there, I'm happy with my DS212+ for like 10 years now. As this reaches "end of life", I'm struggling whether to buy 720+ now or wait for 723+. Main difference for me would probably their expected "end of lifetime" in terms of security updates - I'd love to use the new machine again for like 10 years.
Would you expect 723+ to get 10 years from now and 720+ only 7 years from now (as it was released three years earlier) or is it only 10 vs 9 years as 720+ was sold till this year?
Another issue is TDP, what difference would you expect for a low-usage profile (checking for mails once a minute, file server, a backup once a day)?
There is no issue with TDP on new and current Synology models.
DS720+ has a graphics chip built in. This makes it a good choice for home use. New 23+ series come with AMD CPU. Not that great for media. But good for everything else.
DS720+/ds723+ will have 10 years support cycle.
Here is more info

I hope this helps.
It seems to me that the 723+ is lower on spec than the 720+

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