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Video editing on DS1522+

Hey, Im new here! Im a professional filmmaker and want to build a NAS that I can edit on. Do you think the following setup will work?

Im planning on buying a Synology DS1522+ with:
5x Seagate Exos 20TB HDD in RAID 5
10gbe network expansion card
M.2 SSD for caching

I will be the only one editing on it for about 95% of the time. I'm editing Apple ProRes or BlackMagic Raw footage on a Windows machine, which I'm planning on getting a 10gbe PCI card for.  I'm running many projects that are about 50gb each.

Expandability is a big plus for me on the DS1522+, since I can add two DX517 down the line when I need it. That is a big reason why I'm planning on buying the DS1522+ over the DS923+ and also because the DS1522+ has an extra drive bay.

What do you guys think about this setup? Will that work for editing or do you recommend another NAS? Thanks for the help!
Yes, for a single 4K editors, this is fast enough solution. DS923+ would allow NVMe volume, but you don't really need that speed.
It also turns out cheaper to have an extra bays and 8GB RAM preinstalled.

I hope this helps.
Thank you so much for your help Ed! I really appreciate the free service you're supplying with this website/forum. I have just bought the DS1522+ and will post my findings here once I got to work with this system.

Cheers, have a Merry Christmas!

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