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918+ - RAM Upgrade FAIL


Well seems I am unlucky ... DS918+ DSM 7.1
Timetec 16GB KIT(2x8GB) DDR3L / DDR3 1866MHz PC3L-14900 / PC3-14900 Non-ECC Unbuffered 1.35V/ 1.5V CL13 2Rx8 Dual Rank 204 Pin SODIMM Laptop Notebook PC Computer Memory RAM Module

Part # 78AP18NUSL2R8-8G

Had to buy from Amazon US (I'm in AUS) have tried 2x8 Gb and both Timetec 8 Gb modules individually. No boots. Tried with Synology RAM mixed and no boots. Return to Synology 4 GB and boots within a minute or two. Reseated a couple of times to check.

Waited extended periods to see if it would boot (over 20 minutes)

No other device to try the RAM in so will have to RMA.

Disappointed to say the least as I waited almost a month for the RAM to arrive.

Any ideas why?
A shame that Synology disables all RAM we test with every new update. You could roll back to the older DSM, but it would result in security holes.
But sometimes, they block a particular factory batch of RAM. Same RAM works in some instances.
But still shame.
If that truly is the situation then it would breach right to repair laws would it not?

Perhaps if that’s what is going on you should do a follow up with the same RAM modules using the latest DSM update and call Synology out on their practice.

I went through a reddit thread which was after your video and in that thread many people were making claims their Synology NAS were operating on 7.1 with 16Gb and working.

When this process started I was on DSM 7.1 update 1 … post the installs I went to Update 3.

In the end the RAM has been returned to Amazon already. Yet, your information doesn’t fill me with confidence to try again. I may just try to procure a 2nd hand 4 Gb Synology RAM module.

Who is the original maker of Synology RAM? I read once they were Samsung module?

Kind regards,

EDIT - There is another thread on LTT which sates there whitelisting hard drives now as well. PLEASE call Synology out on this practice of blacklisting and whitelisting third party hardware.
We are calling the out. They seem not to care. They say only their components are good enough Quality.
Yes, they are relabeling Toshiba drives and Samsung RAM.
When upgrading RAM, the memory can look identical (serial etc.). But simply for it, to be manufactured in a different country will not allow the upgrade.
Getting RAM from a place with an easy return is the best way. Or there are few sellers on Amazon that advertise their 3rd party RAM as compatible. They might be doing more regular tests.

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