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Hardware around the NAS? Plz help!

Hey guys,

thank you so so much for all your videos. They were so incredible helpful. After watching so many of them I decided to buy the Synology 1621+ and set it up today. So proud to finally have one sitting next to me and it was pretty easy to install. I use the NAS mainly for foto storage and would like to edit the photos on the NAS with lightroom from my macbook.

Therefore my biggest question: What kind of hardware do I need for making fast access, read/write, editing fotos in lightroom which are stored on the NAS.

My hardware right now:
  • Synology 1621+
  • Synology E10G18-T1
  • 2x 20 TB Ironwolf Pro
  • MacBook Pro 2019 (2,6 Ghz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR4)
  • Sharkoon Combo (Docking station connected to the Macbook Pro by USB-C, having an ethernet connection of 1 Gbit/s but in the description of the website it says max rate of 5 Gbit/s) / wanted to post an URL to the specs but the forum doesnt allow me
  • Router: TP-Link¬†Archer MR600

If I understand I have now a NAS which is able to have a 10Gbits/s connection but my router and my docking station are limited to 1Gbit/s. So I need to buy a new router + docking station which support higher rates like 5-10Gbits?
If so could you recommend some?

Sorry I m a complete beginner and would appreciate easy answers if there are any  Big Grin

Thank you so much..

I just found out that there are adapters for thunderbolt 3 to ethernet 10Gbit/s is that true? Could I connect my Synology straight to my MacbookPro without having to go through the router? That would be a dream.
Yes, you could use one of these adapters
The speed using two mechanical drives will not be exactly 10Gbit/s, but you could see 200-300MB/s. Speed will increase when you add more drives. Especially if its SSD in HDD bays.
Also some docking stations like this have 10gbe port

I hope this helps.

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