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Advice on buying a 4-bay NAS for Plex

First of all, I want to thank you for your great videos on the subject, it helps me a lot and confirms me in my choice to self-host my Plex on a NAS.

I am currently renting a dedicated server in a datacenter, but it is no longer possible because of the capacity limits and the monthly cost is too high.

So I (finally!) decided to choose a NAS that will broadcast my multimedia content to me and my family.

I just bought 4 HDD of 4Tb in order to have 12Tb in RAID 5 (or SHR if you tell me it's better) and I'm very interested in the Synology 920+.

However, I would like to know if this NAS can serve me several years without being outdated in two years (because it is still from 2020). I guess it might still be suitable, but when I see models like the Qnap TS-464-4G coming out, I wonder (although I much prefer the Synology interface, which I already used in business).

I would like to move towards a NAS capable of broadcasting 2 or 3 simultaneous video streams, knowing that it is rare when more than 2 or 3 members of my family watch a movie at the same time. But it can happen and I don't want to exclude any possibility.

I thank you very much for your work and the ease with which you share your knowledge with us!

Best regards from France!

DS920+ and TS-464 come with very much same transcoding chip. So even if the CPU is newer, it does not mean you will achieve better transcoding results.
Both NAS can handle 3 transcodes of 1080p video. But none of these can transcode 4k in plex. Only using a built-in video app you can achieve this. Or you need Qnap 74series NAS.
SHR and RAID5 is them the same thing, but you also can mix the drives with SHR.

I hope this helps.

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