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NAS/NVR Needed

Looking for the best solution for home surveillance and data storage. Im a home user with about 12 network cameras using ONVIF. Most are wired some are wireless. I would like to eventually integrate it into Home Assistant or even host my smart home assistant on a VM on the NAS/NVR. It would be nice to have a rack mountable unit as my home network is growing and I am thinking about getting a rack to house all of my hardware.
Yes, rack can keep things tidy. But they are loud and require a dedicated room.
I would consider nothing weaker than Celeron or Rzyen-based models.
If you want those VMs to perform just like local PC, then you will need to consider Xeon-based models.
Qnap is good for local use. And it requires some IT knowledge to configure it.
Synology is easier to setup but it has drive and component restrictions regarding compatibility and upgrades.

I hope this helps.

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