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Photography and Videography NAS

Thank you for your videos and information! We love our DS214play, but it's very old at this point and what we're looking for is to speed things up. Here is what we use the most on our NAS now (we used save more movies for the kids, but they tend to just stream content now, so it is not as much of as need as it used to be).

* Photos - we are a growing family of 5 and more devices taking pictures. I debate on how to best set this up (currently it's one combined location that only I or my wife manage). Longer term, I'd like to be able give each kid a fixed amount of space, but still backup, and still be able to share on the network.
* Video - much like photos, there are lots of phone videos (a lot less of the DSLR video and photos now than previously). Would love to be able to edit video on the NAS, but no biggie as it doesn't look like any really do this.
* HDHomerun DVR
* Speed - 214play is ok, but slow. Maybe something with SSD cache to speed things up?
Yes, maybe ds923+ would be a good choice. You could edit videos up to 1080p via 1GbE LAN. If you eventually start recording in 4k, then you can upgrade this NAS with 10GbE card.
Synology allows the creation of separate user accounts that are private. If that is not enough you can also create separate volumes.
As you know Synology comes with a variety of apps such as Photos, video app and folder sync.
If you need 4k access remotely, ds920+ is a better choice. But it can not be upgraded with 10gbe card. Some people combine Nvidia shield tv with ds923+ to have both options.

I hope this helps.

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