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NAS For Family Storage

I am looking to get a NAS for family storage / archive purposes. I wanted to confirm whether or not my hopes are already built into any one brand's ecosystem, and whether or not my understanding of these technologies is accurate.

Firstly, I plan to use a NAS because of the redundancy and low risk for data loss. I understand that while a NAS is secure in the event one drive goes out, if a house fire destroys the whole NAS you still lose everything. So my desire is to eventually get 2 NAS systems that can be stored at 2 separate locations and operate synchronously, but until I can obtain a second NAS I'd like to auto-backup my data to AWS Glacier storage. So, is this all relatively easily doable?

Second, and a bit more involved I'd imagine, I'd like to dedicate half the NAS's overall storage to my side of my family, and the other half completely separately to my wife's side of the family.

Finally, Can there be private folders only specific family members can access?
Yes, sounds like Synology will be the best fit for you.
It requires less configuration to allow two NAS to synchronise in remote locations.
You can in meantime back it up to Backblaze which is the cheapest option today. Or go for Amazon
You will be able to create separate users that have no access to each others folders. You can also create separate shared folders with different access rights.
And if that is not enough, you can also create separate volumes and encrypted folders.
The most popular ar plus series models such as ds220+ etc.

I hope this helps.

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