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choosing my first NAS

Hello there, I'm interested in selecting my first NAS. I'd like it for storing all of my personal media (photos/videos), storage for my small business, and able to handle 8 IP camera surveillance video. There's a chance that I want to stream movies, but probably not that often. I may also want to make a separate partition and offer a few TB of storage to my son, who is a photographer. He lives in another city here in the same metro area. I've been looking at Synolgy NAS systems because I've heard their software is more mature and easier for newbies like me. What are the top considerations I should have in mind? Which NAS system would you recommend?
Yes, Synology requires less configuration to keep it running and keep it safe.
I would recommend plus series models such as DS923+/ 1522+ and above.
You will be able to create separate users/ shared folders or even volumes. This will keep everyone's data separate and safe.
You will also get quickconnect proxy connection to your NAS to simplify the sharing and general access. Without making any holes in the home network.

I hope this helps.

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