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OneDrive replacement

Hi, big fan on the YouTube channel. I run a small business and currently run all our files off OneDrive/SharePoint. I am getting to the point where 1TB of OneDrive space is getting low and thinking I need to either archive or just replace it all together. Looking for advice on the best NAS software to replace OneDrive. We all have home PC’s and sync a seperate drive in our PC’s to the OneDrive. Synology Drive looks to be a direct replacement with the same features. Does QNAP have a similar product and would you recommend it over the Synology?

Yes, Qnap also has a very similar app called Qsync. Synology still do not support MAC with this app (space-saving mode where files only live in cloud but are visible on the computer).
Just make sure you secure your NAS

I hope this helps.

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