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DS1522+ or DS1621+ or wait

I already bought four (4) 20TB WD red drives and two (2) 1TB IronWolf 525 SSD's. I would like to do 10GbE video exiting over the network. I noticed the 108TB limitation. Do you know if that includes the parity drive space? Is it formatted space or raw space? If I eventually use (6) 20TB drives in SHR1 will I be over the 108TB limit? Is it worth it to go dual 10GbE in the 6 bay or am I never going to saturate that much bandwidth with this configuration on large 4k and 6k video files?

I am currently running a DS918+ SHR1 which backs up to a DS418+ located at my parents house (in case my house burns down). They each have (2) 14TB drives and (2) 8TB drives. I also have (2) additional 8TB drives sitting in a drawer. I bought a DX517. My plan is to take the (2) 14TB drives out of my DS918+ and swap them with my (2) 8TB drives in the 418+. That will give me (4) 14TB drives in the 418+ as offsite backup. I can put all (6) 8TB drives in my DS918+ with the DX517 for an at home offline backup.

I am not in a huge rush but I would like to get this done in the next 3-4 months. Is there a DS1623+ or DS1823+ on the horizon? Will they support a volume larger than 108GB if I upgrade the RAM to 32GB's? I would be willing to entertain the idea of a DS1623xs+ if that's what it would take.

The DS1621+ is on sale for $719.99 at B&H right now compared to the DS1522+ at $699 and not likely to be discounted for a while. The DS1621+ has less RAM so upgrading that would be an added expense. I'm assuming I would need at least 8GB's of RAM to ensure smooth transfer speeds over 10G. The quad core in the DS1621+ is clocked slower than the dual core in the DS1522+ but it has twice as many PCIE lanes. Can I saturate a single 10G ethernet port with this configuration let alone dual 10G? I know large file sizes of uncompressed 6K will take its toll. Will more RAM and the dual 1TB SSD's help mitigate this? Is the DS1621+ better than the DS1522+? Sorry for vomiting so much information and questions at you.
You may actually benefit from new ds923+ which allows NVme storage pools/ volumes.
The limit of 108TB will be increased to a Petabyte with new DSM7.2 when it is released.
The limit is for volume size, not raw HDD storage space. You can create two volumes on the same nice to use all available capacity.
There is DS1823xs+ expected. But no clue about other plus or xs series.
Having dual 10GbE LAN card only makes sense if you have two 4K editors.
With single 4K editor, ds923+/ ds1522+/ ds1621+ is fast enough even with HDDs only.

I hope this helps.

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