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10Gbe Nas Drive that is fast and made well

Hello, I'm looking at this configuration and wondering if this is the best choice for today’s market and the CPU speed, memory, 10 Gbe speed, the overall expansion.

24‬ TB would be good enough 36 TB seems better for backup revisions and or spitting the system into different use cases.

My concerns with Synology are they seem to be Apple like and I’m not one that likes to be controlled at all. Maybe there is a workaround / patches to not be forced into their overpriced hardware and/or maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree.

Not trying to discount Synology, they have a great product it seems, but the need to make everything proprietary is just not how I work.

I’m ok with building my own as well, as long as the job gets done, the quality is good, it’s fast and the price makes sense. Outside of that I have no idea what to look at; it’s been years since I tried to build my own system.

The last NAS I owned was a ReadyNas, betore they got cheap, it was built well, but beyond slow and thus I stayed away, whwen the board died until technology changed allot as I could never move the data. External drives and syncing has become beyond outdated and I want out now.

Here is the thing; you seem you seem to have a very vast knowledge of just about everything made in the NAS world. I would love to have your advice on what would be good choice(s); I’m honestly overwhelmed by choice right now.

Sadly I just can’t buy something that is not built well or though out well, not sure why I’m this way, so I just go without, don’t get older, you know what things used to be like and now everything becomes junk.

Synology DiskStation DS1621xs+ seems to be well made, I'm still digging in and yet to find anythimg that compares yet. Seems like it's always a trade off.

Thanks so much for all your time, advise and any efforts are greatly appreciated.
Yes, DS1621xs+ is their best NAS. But you can only use Synology drives in there. They might have added 1 or 2 other drives just do people don't point at them.
People have been altering their config files to enable other drives, but once the instructions get public, Synology will fix the hole.
You can use Xpenology though. Their OS on DIY NAS.

Or ds923+/ DS1621+ which is slower, but supports a wider range of drives.

I hope this helps.

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