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Dead Synology NAS

Hi! I love your informative reviews of many Nas!

I have a question about my Synology NAS, I thought you are the best person to go to for these kinds of questions.

I have a Synology 1219+ that just died. I've been on support with with Synology and we came to the conclusion that the motherboard is dead, just after 3 years of use. I've tried ram, new PSU, Remove defective drives, etc. Nothing will work.

my question is: What can I do with this system? Is there service that can revive the board? or,

Can I somehow mode the system with other board, or anything to make some sort of use out of this 1300 dollar paperweight?

Lastly, I'm going to buy either the 1221+ or the 1812+.
is there any difference in term of longevity if the conditions was ideal? or, is there any major difference in terms of any features in terms of softwares? I'm mostly using it for Drive Sync.

Thanks in advance, I hope to hear back from you soon!
Yes, this can be like a lottery. Most of the time their NAS work for 10 years. But this time it looks like the main board is broken.
You could get any other second-hand plus series NAS and move drives there. With your use case, there would be not much difference in performance.
Moving drives will also be simple.

I hope this helps.

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