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Backup IMac Using Time Machine Over The Internet?

Subject: Macos (Catalina) backing up to Synology over internet

I’ve been looking online in many places for the best way to get an iMac using Time Machine or another backup app to backup over the internet to my Synology DS412+.
Both ends have a moderate speed of ADSL broadband connection.

I have achieved this using another iMac inside the LAN before and Time Machine and have read that it may be possible to use a VPN (IPSEC) to achieve connection.

Do you have any ideas on the best low cost route please?
You may be able to back up to your time machine over the internet. But then you either need to have your computer connected to a VPN all the time or every time you want to have a backup done. You would need two NASes to do it automatically. One for local backups and seconds NAS which automatically will synchronize remotely over the internet. So you will have two time machine backups. One at your home and other to entirely different locations.I hope this helps.

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