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QNAP recommendation


Appreciate this article it has been beneficial. I am looking for the best configuration recommendation for a Plex Media server. I currently have a TS453BE (4x16TB hard drives with 8GB ram) which is good but I get lagging at times so I think it might make sense to upgrade the machine. I don't have a need for more storage but I assume it's a processor issue when I run into the problem.

I do have a decent amount of MKV files so my machine is likely struggling during the transcoding. Currently, there are about 5-6 people on the box at high times. Any recommendations?

Also, should I consider getting an NVIDIA dedicated card installed? I am completely open to recommendations so appreciate any guidance.

Only Qnap 73A series allow GPU card upgrade.
I have seen people gaining slightly better transcoding results when using SATA/NVMe SSD for storage.
Maybe this is something you can consider. QM2 card for nvme or replacing few drives with SSD.
But realistically, a new NAS would be a better choice. Or you can use offline transcoding to generate smaller video files for remote streamers.

I hope this helps.

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