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NAS Best Fit For Small Business

I am looking to convert the business I manage from google docs etc to a NAS System.

We are a small construction company. But the business is growing and our file management is all over the place.

The system needs to
-be centralized and provide access to anyone in the business needing it from wherever they may be.
-become a 10 year plan for data storage and management
-bank surveillance from a few cameras at our yard
-Maintain client files and information
-divide access between secure and unsecured files
-handle 3D Revit and CAD files
-Be able to operate seamlessly while working in 3D rendering environments and presentations.

I have looked at some 4-bay Synology options, but would like some expert advice before purchasing.

Thank you for your insight
I would recommend 10GbE compatible NAS models such as ds923+ or DS1621+.
These NAS can support fast transfer speeds as well as things like surveillance.
You will also be able to create separate users and groups with limited access. Also, encrypted folders are possible.
Synology office can replace google docs. And its quick connect function will make file sharing quite easy.

I hope this helps.

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