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Can't find a number to call you.  We run a full DS1515+ which has died and I am abroad so can not repair at moment - no power up, so guess power supply of which I have ordered a spare.  A few months outside warranty and of course no numbers for Synology support UK.  This device has been swapped by them in 2019.

I gather it is obsolete now, but their German office suggested looking for a ds1520+ as a back up / spare but I can not find one online.  There is a DS1522+ but it is far too expensive for just a spare at aound £800

We are a repair company on gaming machines to component level, so hopefully will be able to repair, but looking to seewhat else is avaialable without drives that will be a plug in exchange if needed + looking for a repair centre in UK if we can not fix this time.

A friend has met you at an exhibition and recommended conatct

but this week in a very cold Czech republic
I would recommend looking at any plus series model. Maybe on ebay you can get second-hand boxes. You can then slide those drives in and use it as before.

I hope this helps.

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