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920 ongoing support

I have a DS411j that I'm wanting to upgrade. I'm considering the 920 or 923. Mostly it will be just file storage but I like the BTRFS snapshot features and i may consider running plex. I don't currently have any 4k content in my media library so either should work for either nas. I've seen good deals on the 920 but am worried that I might miss out on new features. The 923 will support ssd storage so I'd miss out on that but that's probably OK for my home use. Are you aware of other planned features that the 923 would support but the 920 wouldn't?
Yes, DS923+ support NVMe volumes. But this feature is only attractive to video editors or business environments and not home.
DS920+ is a much better choice thanks to its transcoding chip.

I hope this helps.

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