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Switching From Drobo

Hey, I'm currently using the Drobo 5Dt and 5C and I need to switch to another storage provider.

I'm a photographer. I use Apple computers. I don't need access to all the files in storage all the time, I just need to have access to any files as/when I need to.

I have a few q's;
- What is the best upgrade from my current Drobo 5Dt and 5C? I care about speed, and don't necessarily need a NAS unit.

- Would you recommend a NAS unit even if I don't need access to all my files all the time...? I don't have a very good Internet connection.

- If I do get a NAS unit, can I use it just as a backup without connecting it to a network? With the idea of being able to connect to a network sometime in the future.

- I'm currently using Seagate BarraCuda Pro 3.5" hard rives, these are not NAS drives, can I use them in a Synology NAS housing?

Yes, the most similar replacement for Drobo would be Synology. DS923+ would allow 10gbe upgrade. This would make it faster then USB3gen2.
You can also connect it directly via LAN skipping the router part.
Otherwise, a Thunderbolt DAS box will be an option. But speed will be limited by drives and RAID you use. The most popular RAID DAS boxes are from Pegasus, Areca or TerraMaster.
You can use Barracuda drives if you wish so.

I hope this helps.

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