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Which NAS

I keep thinking of buying a NAS, but which one? My first reason was for back up of my wife’s iMac 2012 still has the original hard drive 1TB 3/4 full (10 years old ?) and my Mac book also 2012. My wife does a lot of wild life photography don’t want to loose her great photos. As time goes she will need more and more space. She likes to share her photos with our family and her photo pals. Her iMac is obviously slowing down but still usable for editing, her photos. If we are investing in a NAS would be great if she or we could edit our photos stored on the NAS, rather then than on the iMac hard drive hoping that the NAS would be faster and a much better experience. Then I’m looking at PLEX for all those old family Videos we never get to see and 100 or so DVD,s we have. Happy to spend a little extra for future proof and the latest technology. Our router is Virgin V3. Look forward to hearing from you, many thank.
You could still manage to get DS920+ which is great for multimedia. This includes photos, videos and audio.
Sharing is also easy.
Otherwise, Qnap ts-464 allows PCIe upgrade with 10gbe card if you need faster data transfer speeds.
MAC backups are can be easily handled with TimeMachine function. Once you set it up, MAC fill find this storage space to back up.

I hope this helps.

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