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DS923+ and LG TV

Hi. I'm thinking about buying Synology DS923+. I want it to work with my LG TV (C1 oled). I'm aware that DS923+ doesn't have internal graphics so I understand that media/plex streaming is no option. So my question is - Is it possible to use the NAS on the TV similarly as I put USB drive to the tv and just play videos/movies from it? I mean just reach the file from NAS and let TV play it instead of streaming.
Kind regards
If your TV comes with LAN/WiFi, you unlikely even need transcoding. DS923+ can be used for local media streaming on your TV. You can not connect via USB. But you do not have to.
You can install Plex on your NAS and TV. Or use DLNA and TV internal Video playback app.

I hope this helps.

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