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923+ or 1621+?


I’m looking into replacing my 415+ with newer model. Which one you would recommend in term as of better performance? The main use will be file storage and Synology Photos, may be 1 vm . Primarily I do want Photos to be lightening fast because on the current 415+ has awfully long preview load time
I’m more geared towards 1621+ but with release of 923+ I’ve started to worry if I’m buying up to date peace of equipment?

Thanks a lot for your help! I’m always enjoying your videos and you made me passionate about NAS. Thanks a lot and wishing a great success to your YouTube channel.
DS923+ comes with dual core CPU whereas ds1621+ comes with quad-core CPU.
DS923+ turbo mode is faster. But overall DS1621= is a better NAS.
You can allocate two core for VM and it will outperform 923+ model. It allows twice as many VMs.

I hope this helps.

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