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M.2 SSDs in Asustor AS6704T Lockerstor 4 Gen 2 NAS

Hi, and thanks for all of the amazing information, and the level of detail, you guys create! I don't understand half of it and it still is enormously useful!

My question is with the new Asustor AS6704T Lockerstor 4 Gen 2 NAS, do all of the M.2 SSDs have to be the same size, or can I put in 2TB for storage and 1TB for cache?

Thanks again!


Brian Creek
If you use one for storage and another for caching they don't need to be the same capacity.
Just remember that for write caching you need 2X SSD whereas read cache will allow a single SSD.
Once you use it for caching, you can not use it for storage. And vice versa.

I hope this helps.

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